Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Homesick in Duqm.. how to overcome it?

One of the most common problems that an expatriate will encounter is homsickness. Being away from your family is not an ordinary challenge. Yet, most expatriates bravely faced this challenge.

However, the situation in Duqm is very different from the places I've to. I worked for 2 years in Jubail, Kingdom and Saudi Arabia (my first job assignment overseas) and 3 years in Doha, Qatar, but I never experienced the things I did in Duqm.

Duqm is only blossoming into being a progressive town. An expatriate would work doubly hard to overcome homesickness as there are barely places that would offer recreational activities. It is one of the personal duties of an expatriate to look for a way to survive.
Here are some tips how to overcome homesickness in Duqm.
  • Engage yourself in sports. Sports is one of the most effective way to forget your worries. Basketball, volleyball and cricket can be played during free hours. Bodybuilding is best fitted if you do not like the preesure of body contact in team games. You should be creative enough to use improvise gadgets to be used in bodybuilding as gym equipments (i.e. dumbells, barbells, etc.) are not available in in the nearby stores.
  • Make friends. Eventhough you are not in a place like Duqm, you should always make friends. Filipino, Indian, Korean, Pakistan, Omani.. whatever your nationality is.. you should always be friendly to everyone. Friends are always an effective past time. Don't forget to always wear a smile on your face. Everybody will love you.

(To be continued...)

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