Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Duqm.. A Breathtaking Development.. (Part 5)

Tourism Projects

A provision of 2,422 hectares has been made for tourism projects. Incidentally, three plots have already been taken up by the Oman Tourism Development Company (OTDC). KEO International Consultants has been selected to provide consultancy services for Duqm's luxury hotel property. The project will be financed and managed by the Tourism Ministry's investment arm, OTDC.

The new hotel will be set on a 10-hectare plot located about seven kilometres from Duqm town, and not very far from the site of the Duqm Port & Dry Dock complex planned at Ras Duqm. It will feature a 200-room hotel and 25 chalets, and will offer all the facilities and amenities of a modern international-class hotel. Business facilities, conference rooms, retail outlets and a mini golf course will add to the hotel's appeal to visiting businessmen, consultants, contracting executives and investors. The property is expected to open for business in November 2008.

With these kinds of mage projects in the pipeline, even the locals are upbeat. "The construction of Duqm will help in achieving a number of economic and tourism objectives and will be an added value to the services currently provided by Sultan Qaboos Port, Salalah Port and Sohar Port. The construction of the port will also create a considerable number of job opportunities for Omanis in general and Duqm locals in particular. It will also boost fish related industry, which is one of the major sources of GDP and the source of living for a considerable number of families in the region," Sheikh Helal Bin Ali Al Habsi, Wali of Duqm, said.

A number of health facilities and service utilities will be implemented at the wilayat to meet the growing demand for such services especially the area is expected to witness a remarkable boom in a number of industries. These utilities will provide valuable services for both locals and visitors, he furthered.

Overall, Duqm will be first comprehensive planned town of the Sultanate of Oman. All the land use and activities are controlled and regulated. Location of industries and other land uses have been proposed keeping the natural environment in mind. The facilities that would be coming up in this city would be modern, sophisticated and up to date as far as the technology is concerned. Once completely operational, this town would be a force to reckon with in the entire Gulf region. No doubt, then it will be a destination for thousands of people, including the migrants.

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