Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Duqm.. A Breathtaking Development.. (Part 6)

Residential Town Area

There will be 17 residential quarters in place to accommodate a population of 64,000 in a span of next 20 years. There is a provision for further expansion of the town comprising about 2,530 hectares to 111,000 residents. The first phase of the town will see an investment of RO110 million. Each of these 17 quarters is a 1kmx800m rectangular block. Each quarter accommodates on an average about 4,750 residents. It will have an average of about more than 500 plots as parcel. More than 90 per cent of these plots would be allotted for individual villas with three categories of housing. Only 10 per cent of the plots are multi family housing with five storied apartments. All social and recreational facilities are being designed within each of these quarters.

About four quarters, along with local centres, should be available by 2011. The local centre shall contain the following facilities: Kindergarten, health centre (optional), a mosque, community recreational centre, children's play area, private school/training centre, post office (optional), shops and a petrol filling station (optional). The town will also have three district centres. Main components of the district centre will be grouped around a main square. Main attraction of the town would be the composite Town Centre, which would act as the multipurpose central business centre of the city. The first phase of the Town Centre, to come up on a spread of 172 hectares, will be ready by 2011. It comprises retail shops, restaurants, government and private offices, business centre, recreation facilities, cinema halls, shopping malls, traditional souq, hotels, regional police headquarters, town mosque and regional and the town bus terminals. There shall be adequate parking facilities for major land uses, including public parking areas.

Apart from these, there will be a large Town Park over a 119-hectare area. It would have city's sports centre along with a large stadium. One private investor has shown interest in putting up a labour camp and a residential accommodation for junior and mid level officials. An integrated large business centre in the main Town Centre of Duqm is also planned with an estimated investment of RO300 million. Though there is already a talk of booming real estate in the area, a Muscat based real estate agent clarified that the government had banned all buying and selling of properties in the area as too much speculation about the new mega projects might lead to price escalation. "We have this experience of Sohar, where biggies bought the land and sold at higher prices. Probably to avoid this, the government wants to keep the real estate prices in check. Moreover, the government itself wants to be part of overall development of Duqm," says the agent.

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